The Beginning of the End?

Aug 6, 2013, 9:14:00 PM

Back in April I decided that I just didn't have the time to be able to have my full-time job as a Graphic/Web Designer and the part-time job of photographer, along with full-time job of mom and playing soccer. So I was very sad but I announced on my facebook page that I was going to stop taking any new work. Since then I have had to die a little each time someone asks me to do a shoot and I have had to turn them away. I want to do the shoots really bad but I know I cannot commit to a timeline. So I figured I would just keep shooting family and try and do tf (trade for) shoots. You know I'll trade you a dvd with images if you model for me for a cool concept I have in mind. Course the reason why this works for me is because I would let them know ahead of time that I have no estimated date on when they will get the images. Course if you have worked with me and know me, you know that I will get the images to you as soon as I can, but without that pressure of having 2 weeks to get them all done. In my mind this works. I also want to try and focus on entering my work into magazine's, contests etc. We'll see how it ends up working out and course if I ever decided to begin taking work again you will all be the first to know ;-). 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me from beginning to end and I hope you stick around to see some of the things I am able to capture!