Mexico City Trip

Jan 8, 2014, 10:26:02 PM

On Dec 2013 we were able to drive to Mexico to visit both my husbands and my family. Our first stop was teotihuacan, Mexico where we visited the sun pyramid and the moon pyramid. The view from the top is awesome! Once you reach the top of the sun pyramid there is a small little metal plate that everyone presses their finger to, they say its to get re-energized. So I was tired from climbing so what the heck! The following day we went downtown Mexico City. I was able to get some great shots from there too but boy you think Chicago has bad traffic, you ain't seen nothing!! Mexico Ciy traffic is the WORST! Here are some of my favorites from there but you can view my entire gallery by clicking here. All of these pictures are for sale and can be purchased from the gallery.