Mi Mazamitla

Jan 10, 2014, 8:55:00 AM

And our final stop of our Mexico trip was Mazamitla. My parents home town. Normally the weather in December here is around 60s with the mornings being cool so a nice warm cup of coffee and a sweater is just what you need, the afternoon begins to warm up and you can walk around with just a thin sweater and some days get lucky enough where you don't have to wear it. But on this occasion it was not the best weather. It hailed on Christmas day (giving us that white Christmas we are normally used to back at home) and the weather just got bad after that with rain most of the days and cold. So we didn't get to do much here but I had my father take us up to El Serro Del Tigre which is the top of a mountain there so I can take some pictures. I wanted to go to Los Casos which is a very beautiful spot there but due to the weather we didn't make it this time around. So anyway hope you enjoy looking at my pics. You can view all of them by clicking here.

Here's our white Christmas!